i have a geat need to exspress myself

i have lived,traveled,studied,searched,made friends with nature and made peace with my past! have made life as i want it to be, and i feel the need to express myself of all of my philosophies,findings,ideas etc will answer all emails that are friendly or curious and none that are hateful , and so i am here

Monday, November 1, 2010

the time has come

each passing calendar event reminds me of the monotony of time passing year after year!, though i am happy i must change what i do so who i am, so the short time i have left will not pass me by as weekly chores and routine!, i feel i have a wife like no other, who will support me and hold my hand as i walk down any path, for she is truly what a man looks for in a woman even one as myself.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

your answer john

okay john here is an answer you may understand a bit more!,you say you have read all my stuff so here it is.... fact, mithra horus and krishna all born 1000 years before christ all born on dec 25 all healed the sick fed the hungry,walked on water and killed for their beliefs and arose after three days two out of the three said they would return one day!, now lots of people still believe in krishna but as christ was the last one of the four most figure he is the one to put their money on!, in the u.s.a. there is a man of mexican decent who says he is the christ returned? he has 2 million followers and makes millions of dollars from it in private he says he works 2 hours a week except when he is on vacation he just reads from a book "bible" and shouts a lot and money is needed, and people send him tons of cash! it works! but says he will deny that he is misguiding the people! try and understand this john ,if you cant prove he is wrong or that there is heaven ,hell, gods, sons of gods, and you cant prove something that is not there, then people will believe in it, if it makes them feel good or takes away their fears or says only good things then you will believe it! because you cant say they do things wrong!,,,,,,,and "no" a person cant live in a big fish for three days!, but the people who preach these things say its all for interpretation ? and you cant argue that! they have worked out all the answers over years and change it accordingly!,,,if you want to believe in something you will!!! thats why most people believe in conspiracy theories of one kind or another!!, the mormons all think they have magic underwear and it protects them from bullets, knives or harm?! and there are millions of them! check out the church of scientology its a registered religion, the guy who started it wanted to see if it would work!? l ron hubbard he was my favorite science fiction novelist! he started a church and it still operates and he said he wanted to see if he could get millions to join and he did!?!? well john i hope this answers your question ?.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

how can we

how can one man be ashamed for what man has done to the earth, the enviroment, we have destroyed thousands of species through our not caring and pollution , we are at the top of the food chain so we can do as we please? no! it is our responsibility to maintain our enviroment, we should only feel responsible for our self alone, and effect change where we can, large corporations half to take the onus upon themselves to do their part, but one man can make a difference for his world for him and each person has his world if we all take responsibility for his piece of turf one day we can be proud of not only you but your people.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

you cant perceive this

you are the only entity you will ever know!, the entire universe, all you see think know is in your head!, yours is the only reality that matters to you!, to start you are a brain with tools attached to it and you feed it and pump oxygen into it and expel waste, you have a life span and then you are no more! you remember nothing before you were born and the same when your brain dies! you go through your life with an agenda to keep yourself alive and as happy as possible, the conscious part of the brain that you are is 1/5 the other 4/5 ths is your sub conscious forcing you to be alive regulating your body and keeping you safe, you live by a set of laws forced on you by society so we can live with other brains in harmony, your brain is highly acceptable to brainwashing it is how we learn and why most of the populace gives money and believes in imaginary gods because they cannot face the idea of the brain dieing and losing all of their stored memories and it eases death as they are told they are just going into another room or a nice garden, it is easy to accomplish this brainwashing as the brain knows the difference between right and wrong, so if you keep telling people things they know are right they believe all you say is right! the government does it the media does it, hell i used to do it in high school to get the girls and it works, we all use it without knowing it and to a great degree it depends on strength of character, some use it to make millions and as we know hitler did it to a whole country! i have done it to large audiences for training and personal gain, now i stand so strongly against it!!! there are millions of mormons who think they have magic underwear and even bullets cant harm them??,its that easy to brainwash people, they believe they have very strong character yet there is something in them to alter fact from fiction! fear for the most part with a need to be taught and entertained put that mixture with a dash of this and that and you can brainwash people the dash is charm and another or two that believe you! in other words we can all start a church! i know a guy an atheist who did it just to make a few million dollars, i could not bring myself to do it he said he would start me out i just had to read from a book once a week to a crowd they all have heard of it so you will have cash flow forever!.. you cant do that to people its just not right,,,

Sunday, September 26, 2010

the answer

the answer to go through life is to strive to to be as humble as possible, not so much as to not be happy! or to stand up for those who need help! but to keep the idea of being humble in the foremost of your mind ! as that becomes second nature you will have ended stress and many of the problems within yourself that causes them! it starts with being courteously to those you meet, you will find success will slowly come your way!!. that is a saying from budda 5000 years ago i may have written the words slightly different as it has been many years since i read them but the meaning is correct!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


we all know someone and we are guilty of it ourselves sometimes, but it is not for the childish reasons most do it!, MAKING OTHERS LOOK BAD TO MAKE THEMSELVES LOOK GOOD !!, when you are 4-12 in age okay! people have been doing it forever! call someone a witch and you wont be called one yourself! there's an old scottish saying if you dont have anything nice to say about someone dont say anything at all!, when your an adult no one wants to hear someone who only says the bad points about others all the time if at all! its petty! we all and i stress all have our bad points or mistakes or bad habits! so look at yourself and your own bad points before you talk to or about others!, because most adults will think " so what" and if they do it all the time people are going to start talking about you and say that person never has anything good to say about anyone so what are they saying about me when im not around ? and you will notice those people will have very few friends!! unless they are the same or pity them!!! its something to think about ??????

Thursday, September 23, 2010

my near future

the time has come for me to start experimenting with the drugs im on to improve the quality of life i have!, they are all doctor prescribed yet i have to get off and change the amounts to a lower dosage, im to sleepy and im sore now if i get off some or lower the amount will i be any more sore? i have to pharmaceuticaly induce sleep or i wont sleep! i can induce a trance like sleep to the point where i can watch my dreams in my head!, its very cool but im also petting the cat and listening to the radio at the same time! but thats just a nap "sort of" , im going to lessen the amounts of drugs slowly and observe the results!? its strange because the qualityy of life is not going up between me and my spouse "in my eyes", and it has to change! if im not happy she is unhappy because of it! vicious circle eh!,, so im going to try and take myself off of three of the most addictive drugs known to man by myself!?!? i truthfully would rather be in some of the war zones i have been in during my younger days,that i no longer speak of!,, its about my future do i want one and what kind of one do i want? i think i liked it better when i used to drink and enjoyed life and who i was and what i did!,, funny you cant make all of the people happy all of the time including yourself! well lets see how it goes!